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Flowering Trees - 


Pears, Plums, Wp. Cherries, Yoshinos, Kwansan, Autumn Flowering, Crabs, Dogwood, Mt. Fiji, Redspire, Aristocrat, Bradford, Cleveland Select and Snow fountain Wp. Cherry. 

Shade Trees - 

Norway Maple, Crimson King, Summershade, October Glory, Red Sunset, Suger Maple, Pin Oak, Red Oak, Lindens, Zelkova, Birches, Hawthorn, Locust and Sycamores. 

Flowering Shrubs - 


Daphne, Andromeda, Viburnum, Ninebark, Mahonia, Witch Hazel, Azalea, Deutzia, Forsythia, Lilac, Flowering Quince, Rhododendron, Weigela, Beautyberry, Butterfly Bush, Potentilla (Cinquefoil), Hydrangea, Rose of Sharon, Shrub Rose, Spirea, Summersweet, Abelia, Caryopteris, Camellia, Mountain Laurel (Kalmia).

Shade Shrubs -


Mountain Laurel (Kalmia), Japanese Rose, Japonica Kerria, Climbing Hydrangea, Daphne, Emerald and Gold Euonymus, Hetz Japanese Holly, Sky Pencil Holly, Canadian Hemlock, Chinese Holly, Japanese Holly, American Euonymus, Japanese Euonymus, Inkberry, Yews, Andromeda, Aucuba, Azalea, Rhododendron, Chinese Privet, Japanese Privet, Heavenly Bamboo, Nandina, Cherry Laurel, Skip Laurel, English Laurel, Dwarf Hemlock, Camellia, Creeping Dogwood, Bunchberry, Checkerberry, Chinese Fringe-Flower, Coast Leucothoe, Boxwood, Witch Hazel, Dwarf Fothergilla, Red Tip Photinia, Japanese Skimmia, Viburnum. 

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